Registration status - alert info


Which setting controls the Registration alert message for the match? I would like to make the message on the bottom look like the one on the top in this screenshot.

Thank you.

I don’t understand what you are asking?
What exactly do you want to be different?

The two screenshots are for matches that open registration on the same weekend. Top one shows the number of days left, bottom one just shows that reg is closed.

I would like to figure out how to make the second show that registration opens in X days, if possible.

Thank you

So these are matches you are looking at? Matches you are the MD of? What do you mean “make” them show a certain way?
Without specific information on both of these it make it near impossible for us to analyze what you are asking. It might depend on what time of the day they created the match. Maybe in 4 hours it will say 3 days.
I just can’t answer.

Thank you DJ.

Link to the match (my match) that shows " Registration is closed":

Link to the match that shows " Registration opens 3 days from now"

Link to another match that shows " Registration opens 2 weeks from now":

I would like to be able to set up the registration page for the match in the first link to show when or how soon the registration opens. Is it possible on the MDs end? Is there a setting in the match management that can help me do that?

You cloned a 2021 match.
We suggest never cloning more than 2 months due to web changes and updates.
I imagine the dates do not calculate. Besides look at the actual html line and see what it reads. /black-rock-uspsa-october-2021-clone/register
Try creating a clean, new match.

Makes sense. I did clone all of them yes. Good to know for the future matches. Thank you!

Here is a fresh match i just set up:

It’s still showing “registration closed” vs “registration opens in 2 days”

I do not know what type of device you are using nor what browser you are using.
There are a hundred different things that could make it not see the date/time and if it doesn’t then it cannot give you a count down date.
I just took a test match and changed the date twice. Then to see an accurate representation I had to log out of my work system and log back in as a dummy account to see the accurate reg page.
You see the time involved.
Here are the results of a match with a 3 day and a 2 day out opening . Also considering that i made it past the current time zone I am in.
It is working correctly.
We cannot test for any and all options out there.
We just have to accept that there are times when the date will work or it will just show closed then it is on the user to Look at the opening date on the page and do the math.

Thank you for taking the time DJ, i appreciate it. I will troubleshoot it on my end. thanks again.

Hi DJ. Just wanted to follow up with results of my troubleshooting.

I used my personal devices and Browserstack for cross platform testing.

I created several matches with two different users in several browsers (Windows, Android, iOS. IE11, Chrome, Brave, Safari. All of them had the same results - registration was showing “closed”.

Another finding - it appears that the match registration does not open automatically as set in the match settings. I had to open it manually.

Here are the links to two matches that were created by my second user in Windows and iOS:

Is it possible that there is an issue with Club set up? Or is this a Match level setting that’s causing it?
If this is a client side issue, maybe you can recommend a browser/device that i can test with?

Thank you

Any chance you could edit the match and post a snip or screenshot of the match details part that has the start and end times? The way that your links open up look similar to matches that have already happened. Looking for this info from your test match and or the other one.

Certainly, here you go.



I’d be happy to do more testing and explore any other combinations of user/platforms to solve this on my end. Just point me in the right direction. Thank you!

When I make a new match, the ‘status’ field defaults to ‘Open’. You have those matches selected as closed. When it is listed as open, I think that you will get the behavior that you want (where it will say when registration will be open). Also it should open automatically when you are in the registration opens to registration closes timeframe. @D.J.Petrou may have to correct me, but this looks like you are essentially overriding the match and forcing it to stay closed. Maybe try a quick edit and change that setting and then hit save match at the bottom.

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YES! That was it. A user error on my part - i was certain it needed to be “Closed” and did select that option intentionally. Glad i learned something today. I appreciate the help. Thank you!

I think that this is they way they intend for it to work. Just always leave it set to open and it will open at the time you specify. To me, the closed option is like a fail safe for instance if you have some bad info in match information and you want to stop shooters from signing up while you fix the issue. Then you can email the affected shooters and open it back up.


@Warren_Harper Rangemaster was exactly correct in his deduction.