Registration Payment Bug

Set up a discount that reduces the match fee to $0.
Go to a new registration form and select the discount.
Do not fill in any required fields above the payment except First, Last, Email.

Click Submit. The form will jump to the first invalid field, and then will submit any way.
The end result is an incomplete registration record.

We will take a look at this. What purpose are you creating a zero match fee situation? There are other ways for comp’d or free matches.

We are going cashless for club matches and would like to allow Junior shooters and/or RO to register for free without needing to ask for a bypass link.

For club matches there’s no approval process. You simply pay and squad.

I am trying to look at the match you are discussing and based on your profile and the two clubs you help manage I only see the SNS section match with any junior discount. It is set up as $75 off a $150 match fee. Not a zero sum adjustment.
On the march 27th match you have a RO or junior discount with no discount offered so it will not offer a discount.
Also the ACC club is not set up with Stripe connect as far as I can see. That is a requirement for this to work.
Another thing I see at that the section match is that the set up does not require payment at registration which is going to cause extra work on the tail end.
Finally I notice that you have chosen to not support Practiscore via the donation option. (you have zero’d it out) Is there something we are doing that does not engender support?

I’m sorry, I just saw this. I received no notification of your reply.
The lack of donation was just an oversight, I will enable it.

The match in question is the USPSA at ACC March 27 2022 and it is not yet open as I am preparing for our season. Unfortunately, if I open it, people will sign up before we are ready.

The bug is easily replicated on any PS site. It’s a script issue (I am a web developer). When the payment is reduced to $0, the payment box disappears. When you submit the form without filling in required fields, the client side validators execute, and the form will scroll to the first invalid field. However, a second later the form actually posts. First, last, and email are the only fields that are validated server side. If you fail to provide these, the form will return and prompt you to provide them. However, if you did not fill in any other data fields, the record will be created with those fields missing.

It’s possible to create a shooter who has no division, power factor, etc…

Hope this helps.

Are you testing this with a std. Practiscore account or with your admin account?

Currently if any regular account goes to the registration page they get this. And they can’t currently find it as it is not live.

If you go there under your admin account you get this. It does not act as a regular account since you are an admin.

So we are clear. We are troubleshooting a bug in the registration form. My match is intentionally closed right now as I do not want entries yet. Since you can access the match as an admin and submit a registration while it is marked closed, please do so in order to see the issue.

I have added a discount to the match, it is named “Debug” and is $20 off. Do not fill in any data fields besides first, last, email and submit the form. I am using Windows 10 Chrome Version 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit)

You can also see I just replicated the bug by looking at Shooter #2 in the match entries. It has only first, last and email. However, on my registration form many more fields are marked as required.

I sent you a direct email