Registration form thank you message VS. email content in edit match?

Can someone explain or point me to the documentation that explains the difference between these:

-Registration form thank you message
-Email Registration Approved Content
-Email Registration Comped Content

Are shooters getting multiple email confirmations when registering? Between the thank you message and the email reg approved content, it would imply so, but I don’t understand what the purpose would be.


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Oh additionally, I asked some participants, and it seems they don’t receive either ‘email reg content’ but they do receive the ‘reg form thank you message’

I am pretty sure the differences are just as described. The registration form thank you goes out after the competitor is registered, which generally happens for all shooters when they register. The comped email would go out if you go into the manage shooters and select comped for a given shooter. The approved email would go out if you are go into the manage shooters and select approved.

This is dependent on how you have the match setup. For instance, my matches have require full payment at registration and no approval or payment required for squadding. When a shooter signs up, they get the thank you note - but I don’t go in and approve or comp shooters and they can squad. Some matches have approval required to squad. In that case, you would have to go in and approve each shooter and then they would receive the approved email that would prompt them to squad. Comped is usually used when you have a shooter that you want to shoot for free.

Super helpful thank you @Warren_Harper !