Registering multiple guns

I am having trouble registering multiple guns and getting them squadded. I selected two guns and I am only able to squad myself with the one gun. Any suggestions?

Depending on the match you might want to register the guns individually. If you want to find out how to squad, check out “How do I squad in my Match?”

For Steel Challenge matches each gun is treated independently so you will need to register each entry and then squad each entry.

Charles - alas an early design decision in the PractiScore website made “one gun, one entry” the model. It’s something we want to change but when we open up the hood on it, it’s scary and we back off. It’s thorny… for instance what do when a match doesn’t want multiple guns in a squad, or what to do when a squad doesn’t have room for all your guns, so forth.

It is HIGH on the list for PS web 3.0.

For now, register each gun separately, and squad them separately using the link sent to you for each when registered.

– Ken N.

I would have to agree with the 2nd gun registration option for rimfire challenge.
Each month I have users sign in 3 or 4 times for the same gun, or email me to add their 2nd gun. (the challenge of working with non-computer people)

Not sure why registering a 2nd gun is a challenge for users. I understand the programing side is going to be challenge. Would it be possible to have a dropdown with the option to select 1 or 2 guns and then add them both to the list?

Thanks for working on a solution.

All these are great ideas. They are very involved not really add-ons and best suited to the 3.0 version when it is developed. :+1: :wink:

When will 3.0 be developed/rolled out?

Hi Michael,
Are you talking about Practiscore 3.0???

D. J.