Refund policy statement

The refund policy needs to be clearly stated at sign up. I was told by my local club that they do not issue refunds unless a shooter withdraws prior to the match. In the past, if a shooter did not sign in and shoot the match, the refund was automatically processed. If for any reason a shooter cannot withdraw prior to the match, the club has no rights to keep the match fee. Please make sure the refund policy is clearly stated when registering for a match, and that the member clubs also clearly understand their responsibilities to refund match fees. Thanks.

Hi Jim!

We have no control over if/when a club refunds their shooter’s match fees. Refunds are never automatically processed, they’ve always been handled by the person in the club handling registration.
We do recommend that all clubs state their refund policy, but this is not something we can control. If you have an issue with your club’s refund policy, that is something you will need to contact your club about.

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I now see that my shooting club states that match fees are non-refundable. If a shooter cannot attend for whatever reason, neither Practiscore nor the club have any right to keep the money. Practiscore needs to stand up for shooters and ensure that refunds are available, otherwise we might as well find something better to do with our hard earned $.

Please keep in mind that Practiscore in no way sets the policy for each club. And as far a payments we only connect the clubs, the shooters and the credit card processor together.
We “never” see, control or touch the transaction.
I would suggest you talk to the management of your local club about their refund policy.