Refund Of Double Charge

I was double charged for the 8/14/21 Battle of the North Coast USPSA match. The match was paid $110 and $110 was shown as a Practiscore donation. Is there any way I can get this resolved?


Ron Rodgers

Hi Ron,
Sounds like you would need to get in contact with the match organisers to receive a refund. Practiscore facilitates match bookings and payments but does not take payments directly.

I hope this helps.

If you will email me directly with all the pertinent info including the email you use for practiscore, along with a PayPal account email so I can look into getting it refunded.
The biggest thing I would like to know is how do you think this happened? We have a huge pop up that tells people they are adding an extra $x amount to their match fee as a donation to practiscore. That box has to be approved for this to happen. Was this confusing for you? Is there some different wording we can use?
[email protected]

Made same mistake paid double for LPRGC match emailed support no response.
If I am understanding both payments went to LPRGC because, I am seeing the thanks you note on my match page

Found your email way down the list. I’ll look into it today for you.
Can you tell us what happened. There is a huge pop up when someone donates after a match fee stating that the extra amount is a donation the PS. Was it confusing? Did you just click through it?
What device did you use to register?

I read all the disclosers, I would not say it’s perfectly clear. Which is why I was aprehensive first time around
Match Director pointed me to the link.
Where I think the issue was is when the payment area auto populates with the amount. and anything added to the field winds up added to the auto-populated amount.
Which produced a double payment.

Sent email to support, if you can see to it or point me in the correct direction

DJ, Any progress on a refund of the double charge? I sent you all the information you requested and haven’t heard anything. Thanks.
Ron Rodgers