Receive Notification (Email) When Followed Club Adds New Match

I gather this board is used primarily for the app but it would be great if I could receive an email from the website when a club I follow adds an upcoming match. With covid restrictions lately, it’s tough to keep up with whos starting up matches again. I suppose this could be tricky since a lot of clubs post a lot of matches way in advance so maybe notification would have to be based on when registration opens or before.

To expand on that it would be great if we could get notifications on new matches by discipline (uspsa, idpa, etc.) or on new clubs in the area so it wouldn’t rely on clubs followed alone to know what’s going on.


Hi @Michael_Herring,

Unfortunately we don’t have it set up currently to send notifications from clubs setting up new matches but you can use the “Calendar” tab on your dashboard. The Calendar section will breakdown your current registrations, matches for clubs that you’re a member of through PS, PS Suggestions by match history for matches you’ve shot in the past, and other nearby events.