Recalculate scores when power factor is changed on chrono entry

At a recent large USPSA match we found that scores were not recalculated when changing the power factor of a competitor. Power factor can change due to chrono speeds or equipment. In the cases I have seen, at the end of the match some of these changes may be entered in the master device for the chrono stage - but do not result in recalculation of the scores. I know there are a couple of workarounds, but changing to another match, and then changing back to the current match seems to be the easiest way to force recalculation of the scores. I made a simple match that included chrono and a stage and replicated the issue. Can you check and see if you can force score recalculation when updating power factor? It looks like this was fixed in changelog 0.9.12, but may have broken again. I think that editing the power factor when editing the shooter may still work - but it also needs to recalculate when changing the power factor in the chrono entry including if it is done on the master device. Android version 1.7.34.

Not enough details to reproduce or comment with specifics.

  • Was there ios master and android scoring devices used? The app versions for each?
  • What device used at chrono?
  • Was pf changed by editing shooter entry or by editing the “actual PF” at the chrono stage? And on which device and app?

I was able to reproduce this on an isolated android device running Practiscore 1.7.34. I made a new match, built a simple test stage and added a chrono stage. Scores for two test shooters were entered, along with chrono information. Scores were checked using view results/match scores/combined. Going back to enter scores/chrono I edited a shooters scores and selected ‘correction’ to change the power factor and then saved. This is not changing the speed data, but rather the PF field where we would normally put subminor for zero score. Then going back to the main menu I checked view results/match scores/combined and the scores did not change. By changing the match to another match and then changing back to this test match, checking the scores showed that they were then updated. I can send the test match (2 stages and 2 shooters) if it would be useful.

I don’t have all the details for the Area match equipment, but they were using Fire 7 tablets. At our sectional we use a Galaxy Tab master and fire HD8 for scoring, same issue there, always with the most up to date version of Practiscore.