Randomise into squads?

Is there a way to take the list of shooters who have entered and randomly assign them to squads with a random order within the squad?

We want to fully randomise entries and I cant seem to find a function for achieving this

You can randomize the shooters in the approve/view section of the match on the website.
Sort them by lottery number so they are in order of randomization.
Then you can put them in the squads in the order they were randomzed while you are in the approve/view page.
Lottery 1-10 go in squad 1, 11-20 squad 2, etc.
The you can run them in any order in the squads because they are random anyhow.

Had kinda figured that one but would have been nice for them to be auto sorted into the squads that are already set up for the match. One for the feature wish list maybe