Random shooter order

Does the Practiscore scoring app have a random shooter order generator? Most, if not all shooter order is done alphabetically at matches. This gives an unfair advantage to shooters whose last names begin with a letter at the end of the alphabet as they rarely, if at all have to shoot a stage first. There is a huge benefit to not shooting a stage first. You learn different strategies and the pitfalls of a stage by watching the shooters whose names begin with letters A-L.

Hi Dennis!
On an IOS device, if you go to the squad you want to shuffle, you just need to hit the little arrow on the top right-choose sort-Random and that will shuffle it.
On an Android, go to the squad-hit the three dots on the top right-sort-random

I always flip the order to descending when I get tired of being the first shooter (which is a lot).

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