Pwd protect manual time entry when synced to timer

Is there a way to lock a tablet from manual time entry when using a synced timer? If there is an issue the MD/RM can unlock it with a password/code?

If not, maybe a feature request then?

Are you having problems with people not entering in the correct time if the timer sync fails?

Either not using the download button say all or not entering the correct time manually

Let me clarify.
You have scorers who are not hitting the download button at all, when using the bluetooth timers?
You have scorers who are not entering the times manually if needed?

Some people are not using the download button at all and thus entering the time manually. So I’d be interested in an option to not allow manual entry when a timer is synced.

There are also questionable times entered manually when the timer results could have been downloaded and I’d like to stop that from happening. This could either be accidental or on purpose errors

@Jason_Bryngelson for AMG timer you can enable BLE push on the timer to have time pulled automatically to the app.

Other timers, eg. m1a2 are always pushing time automatically.

Thanks for the info. I will look into the AMG settings to push automatically.

No matter what you do or how you intend on using the system.
It sounds to me like you really need to spend 5 or 10 minutes before a match with the folks doing the scoring to instruct them on how you want it done. Without any direction they will do what they know or can figure out.
IF you train them and they will not use the devices they way you have instructed them then you probably need to find others to run the tablets.

We do discuss it before each match. The issue is that we have multiple clubs in the region that all have different processes and gear, so its different at each club for a person. What I am really saying is that i want to minimize cheating without saying I want to minimize cheating.

We did that with logging the edits.
Manually entering versus using the bluetooth doesn’t do anything about cheating. Unless you believe you have people entering wrong scores in from the start.
If that is so you have bigger problems I think.

Logging edits does not matter when wrong info is purposefully entered manually in the first place.

Disallowing the manual entry of time (without a code/pwd, similar to locking out edits in general) when a BLE solution is available seems like a clean solution to limiting the opportunity for incorrect/invalid times to be entered. But we AMGs can push automatically then that is better than nothing.

Correct, we can’t manage incorrect target scoring but at least managing the time input is a start.

@Jason_Bryngelson you can also install some dashboard cameras at each stage and then have video footage for each stage run that you could review in case you’ll note some suspicious scores.

Regardless of the timer, the proper procedure is for the RO with the timer to call out the time and show it to the other RO. Then the RO with the score pad calls back the time while visually checking it on the timer. Then after scoring, the shooter hits the approve button to finalize the score. For shooters that want to make sure they have the right time, they should be checking that at the approve stage. Following this procedure makes it cheater resistant by having two sets of eyes on the timer. If you are having a significant cheating issue at matches, the bluetooth pull does not fix it. The best way to make sure times are correct is to have more than one person verifying what is on the timer and what gets approved on the pad. If there are problems that are worse than that can protect against, it is past time to put some collective effort into addressing those issues.


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