Pulling time into the PractiScore Log app during match

You could use the PractiScore Log app to pull times from the bluetooth-enabled timer during match.

However you need to be careful when doing so, because you may block ROs from pulling time from the timer. So, read along.

In either case you won’t be able to affect the recorded or downloaded time.

It is advisable to ask permission from the ROs.

Then there are few things to keep in mind:

  • Some timers allow only ONE device connected over bluetooth
    Currently the AMG timer and some other timers have this limitation. This may change in the future, contact the timer manufacturer about that

  • When timer is linked with the PractiScore scoring app for Android, the app connects to the timer when RO opens the scoring screen. Then the timer is disconnected when RO moves to the scores review screen, or back to the shooter list, or the tablet screen is turned off.

  • The PractiScore scoring app for iOS keeps bluetooth connection open between shooters.
    So, you may not be able to pull time from the timer while it is linked with the iOS app for scoring

  • In the PractiScore Log app, once timer is connected with the app, it stays connected, unless you switch away from the app, close the app or turn off your device screen.

Now in order to not interfere with the scoring. You need to open the PractiScore Log app while the scoring tablet running Android app either switched off (the screen if off), or is on the score verification screen, or on the shooter list screen. E.g. when RO present shooter verification screen for acceptance it would be a good time to pull the time.

Then in the PractiScore Log app you tap the blue “timer” button to connect to the timer. Then tap it again to pull the time. Then exit the Log app to release the bluetooth connection with the timer.

If you feel the need to pull times to the practiscore log app during the match you should take up golf as a hobby

@steve_wright I don’t see why not…

Besides, that information could be used for other purposes. For example, to keep track how many rounds been shot through a given gun.

The upcoming PractiScore Log app update (1.2.x) will have the new option to show summary info for selected tags. So, you can select tag for a firearm to see the totals. Same works for drills and other tag categories. I’m planning to expand on that in the future app releases.

Uh, helping reset the stage, not interfering with the RO capturing the time, you came to shoot,not play on your phone. Oh, and we been keeping track of how many rounds thru the gun way before practiscore and phones.
As a match director I love PS. As a shooter you should be paying attention to the shooting not paying attention to what has already happened

@steve_wright you are commenting on a how-to article that is describing the process how to get the data without interfering with the scoring process. Starting with “request RO permissions”.

So, there is an option, which you don’t have to use.