PTS% in results

What does Pts: % mean in the results? Is that the percentage of the available points that I got?


For IPSC/USPSA matches that’s the percentage of points shot. Eg. all As would be 100%.

That’s not the same as stage points, as those depend on performance of other competitors.

There is also an “Accuracy” option for the chart on the comparison screen above overall results.

Ok, tks. In a recent match I shot 93%. How would that info be helpful for me to assess how my shooting is going?

There is really no simple answer. You have to do your own assessment or hire a coach.

You would have to answer this for yourself. With 93% of points shot. Have you won the match? By how much? Did you shoot at a comfortable pace or you’ve pushed really hard for the speed? Did you feel that everything was under control or you felt lost at some place in your match…

Keep a journal with your range performance and any additional notes.

The app could help you to pull the data and does allow to do the match analysis to help figure out what things you need to work on.

ok, tk you.