PS User Tap Here to Log IN

When I click on the Match and go to the Match that I’m setting up there is a line called “PS User Tap Here to Log In”. I click on that and the next screen brings up a blank screen with New Login in the top right corner. I click on that and brings up were I can put in my Practicscore username and password. I put the info in and it tells me the combination is invalid. I’m able to login to just fine. I’m new with this program and trying to learn how it works. I’m wanting to upload the results from our club’s NRL22 match and can’t get logged in to upload the results.

Are you wanting to post your NRL22 results to the Practiscore web site?
To do that all you have to do is go into results in the Master scoring tablet and then choose Post to Practiscore. That’s all there is to it.

Ok I have clicked on Post to Practiscore and have found the results there. I still would like to be able to log in and post the results to the club’s page. Why won’t my log in work?

The results that you have in your scoring tablet are designed to be posted to the Practiscore website. Virtually all shooter view their scores on the PS website.
The scores are not downloadable to any other format. What clubs do is just post the match link on the club page.
Some people have tried to capture the results from the results page and spreadsheet them but it is usually not successful.

As far as your log in…You are able to log into your Practiscore profile page???

Have you read thru the tutorials???
Primarily this one?

I would suggest that if you are a new MD. Also @Levi_Sanderson is our NRL22 expert here. You might chat with him.


Was the match created on the Practiscore website and then downloaded to the tablet via PIN number? Or was the match created on the tablet? To see your match results on the club page on the Practiscore website, the match must be associated with your club. This should happen automatically if the match was created on your club’s page on the Practiscore website and then downloaded to the tablet. If the match was created on the tablet and then uploaded to the website, you’ll have to use the “Claim Results for Club” button that is visible when viewing the match results.

I don’t know use the iOS app, so I don’t know where you’re seeing the “PS User Tap Here to Login” button or what it does.

  • Paul

Hi @D.J.Petrou and @Paul_Warren,

Kevin has been in communication with me and has successfully scored and posted his initial match. :+1:

  1. I have helped him find the “Claim Results” button beneath the shooter list on his match’s results page to remedy his concern about “Posting the results to his Club’s page”. He was referring to the club page within PractiScore.

  2. The “PS User Login” he is referring to is the section in the tablet where you are entering details of the match… Match Name, Match Date, PS User, Club Name etc… When he tries to log his username and pw into the tablet to populate his club, it says it’s the wrong username and password.