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I am trying to get a handle on how the times shown on the MP page are calculated for a stage. The top 2 numbers are the times of the first and last entry. Min/Max/Avg I assume are the stats for the time between competitors. Duration seems to be the difference of the top 2 numbers. What, exactly is “Wait”? The specific match I am looking at is Squad 1 at

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Each score has timestamp when it was saved.

Min/Avg/Max are based on the intevals between each next two scores in a given squad at a given stage.

Wait is the interval between last score on a previous stage and the first score on this stage for a given squad.

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Thanks for the quick response! That is what I thought Wait should be. But if you look at the screen cap from today’s match, something is out of whack. Look at 6 to 7. The difference from 11:51 and 12:00 is 9 minutes. The app shows 27. Am I missing something here? (possible since I am old and tired :wink: )

I will take a look tomorrow or Monday.

@Chuck_Strelecky so, it is not the squad wait time, but the stage wait time. I.e. how much time went between one squad left the stage and before the next one started shooting. This is to help to evaluate congestions between squads in the match.

So, if look at your match, squad 1 finished stage 1 at 12:25 (in my Time zone) and then squad 6 started stage 1 at 13:00 - so the Wait there is 34 minutes. The next Wait on Stage 1 was over 1 hours and after that 6 minutes.

Or in your example, the 27 minutes Wait on Stage 7 for squad 1 was after squad 2 finished that Stage 7.