Problems with Payment Bypass Link?

Our weekly matches are always set up requiring prepayment online at registration time. Occasionally, I’ll send a bypass payment (aka “free link”) url to some of the workers for one of our matches. To my knowledge, they have all worked seemlessly except for one particular worker. For me (and other workers that have used it), the free link leads to an identical registration page but without the payment associated fields (credit card, potential discounts, etc) as you would expect. However, for one particular worker, he tells me the free link still shows all of the relevant payment fields on the screen, rather than the payment-field-free registration page the rest of us see. Is there some problem that could lead to this behavior? He happens to be running Safari 14.1.2 on Mojave MacOS.

My credit card continues to get declined randomly . Per my credit card company there is no issue with my card. This happened once recently but the next day it cleared no problem and now it is declining it again. Any help will be appreciated as I am trying to sign up for a Match.
Thank you

The way the payment system works within Practiscore is that we connect the match and match director with the payment processing system, Stripe. We don’t handle money or do anything having to process credit cards. If you are having a problem with your payments not processing correctly my suggestion would be to contact the match director and let them get with Stripe.
In the past we have seen people whose credit card security settings will not allow stripe to process payments for them.
Have you ever tried to use a different card to register with?
Or, have you ever tried a different device to register with? For example if you’re using your phone I would suggest trying to use a laptop or desktop.
That would be my suggestion for you to try to get this squared away.