ProAm table view

Hello everyone,

is it possible in the ProAm match after to get a display of the results in a table that shows the results for each shooter, for each stage, and the total achieved result?
Something like in an IDPA match …
Thank you

ProAm match type on the PS website shows each shooter and all the stages.:person_shrugging:

Thank you for the reply.

Can it be done in aplication?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
If you can explain a little more maybe we can direct you to a solution.

To have that table with resiltats also on my tablet after the match.
Not only on the web.

Your current options are as you see.
The results in the scoring application are really there just to verify everything is correct, not to analyze performance.
You can analyze performance on the website or with the practice or competitor application.

In fact, it would not serve to analyze the performance at all, but to verify whether the results were entered correctly for each individual stage, because that table could be printed directly from the tablet. Not everyone has Internet at the shooting range, but…thanks for the answer!
I understand what my options are right now!
Stay safe!