Printing out a custom field in registration

In the registration form I add a custom form (question) as to whether the person is a club member or non member.
This helps me at signup the day of the match to determine what to charge each person ($5 off for club members).
After registration closes I print out the registration information to verify match day morning…
The custom form never prints with the rest of the registration and I wind up manually checking each person and annotating their member status on my printed spreadsheet…
Is it possible to print that filed with the other fields?
Thank you,

“field” not “filed”

Are you pulling the “all data” report from the registrations? This report have the custom fields in it.

Export -All data
gets you a .CSV file with all fields of registration form, and you can edit and print what you need…

Ah yes - I was using the “export to practiscore” on the right side of the page…
Just tried it as you suggested and it worked fine….thank you!