Printable results in a one page format

Practiscore site is great but I would like a simple printable format such that I can print out the results in landscape with all the spaces removed so that the I can see all stages etc on one page width.
I would be perfect if there was a print button as well

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Thank you for the idea.
Currently if you require a printout the best way is to go to the old style results of HTML. Then highlight and copy everything you want. Then paste it in a new csv spreadsheet. Hey there you can delete columns and manipulate the data to your liking.

Don’t you think that it is a little ridiculous you are not able to print results? Your website needs to be updated from the 1990s into the next century. What a joke.

Get your negativity out of here and go use another app that you spent your time on developing.
I have no affiliation with the app developers but can’t stand complaining people who show zero gratitude. It ain’t easy to make an app…

hahahahaha :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: get your boyfriend to give you an enema or something bro.

Not the greatest comeback I’ve ever heard but I it’ll have to do. Explains everything.

a blind fingerless monkey could design a better website. You probably play Minecraft or something similar which is why you don’t mind 1980s tech. Most of the rest of us would prefer to be able to actually use the results from a match.

Not sure if you got the memo that the app is free lol.

Again, it’s understood why you reply and have the mindset you do. You Must’ve been crying out of the womb. Despite what you think, not all of us come out that way.

Since you have the most complaining to do, go and donate a couple thousand dollars to the developers so it would make it worth while for the developers to put your complaints to rest. Otherwise it might be better for you to use another app that suits your needs and negativity.

I’m grateful for the free app.

Hope you have a better week my friend!


easiest addition could be generated flat table text file and making it storable on client side aka SaveAs

You can do that now, if you really want. Go to the HTML version of results. Do a “select all” there, then paste in Excel or Google Docs and do “save as” from Excel.

Yes, copy/paste to Excel works fine. Need some work to change cells background but at least we can get individual results for the match (HF+A+C+D…)
What about Calendar? It is not selectable, kind of control inside control. Any workaround available? Want to print current month events colored
Thank you