Primary email attached to match history

Odd formatting due to being a new user.

I have recently changed my primary email address and have discovered what seems to be some interestingly setup SQL tables.

This is me signed in with [email protected] as my account email. Going to the settings page, I change my email from G3yost(@)Gmail(.)com to [email protected]. Returning to my match list I no longer appear to have any matches.

When I change my account email back to G3yost(@)Gmail(.)com I see all my matches return. I am assuming that this is to do with the end point & SQL tables using the emails of users as the search key rather than a hidden user ID number.

I if I could be of assistance with this issue beyond telling you, but I would be happy to talk with you all further.

Thanks for the excellent tool and supporting shooting sports.

Hi Gary,
In Practiscore we do not use random Unique ID or Membership numbers, no one can remember them anyhow. We use your email to designate that it’s you. It works great especially since your email is unique in all the world to you.
You lose tracking of past history when you change your email on your primary account and you get it back when you change your email back. What you will need to do is go into settings for your account and under additional emails add your old email.
then you can use your new email and tracking from anything that was used with your old email will still follow you.
Thanks for asking.
D. J.

I have entered my old email addres, [email protected] with that exact capitalization, into the “Additional Email Addresses” slot. When I do this my past match history doesn’t populate.

I think I must be doing this wrong?

Have you cleared the browser cache and refreshed? Looks like you’re looking at an old page.

I’ve been playing with it this morning.
Going to have IT look at it when they get in Monday morning.
Will let you know.

Edit: All fixed…
The thing I noticed in one of your photos was that on the list of all your past matches the check boxes to say you wanted to view them were NOT checked.thus the past matches would not show up. I had to go in and change you back to the old account, ask them to all show up then change you to the new setup…Near as I can see, Now it all works…

Awesome. Thank you for going in and getting that working. I’m not sure what I did to mess it up, but it’s working now. I really appreciate PractiScore and you helping me out here!

I’ll be signing up for PractiScore on the first when I get my pay check.