Preventing someone with psc file from uploading the results

After a competition I want to share psc file with competitors.
But I want to block them from uploading results (after their changes to match).
Is it possible?

Yes. You can set the match posting password from the match settings.

I cannot see that option on PractiScore match site.

The option is in the match settings in the app app.
Though you may need a device where match was initially created.

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You can do as Eugene is suggesting.
BUT understand that the Practiscore scoring app is not designed for the sharing of match results.
Its designed for clubs and match director to use for keeping score.
Results are then posted to the Practiscore web page where all shooters can view them via any browser desktop or mobile.
If your shooters want more details or data then they need to purchase Eugene’s Practiscore Competitor app where they can meld and crunch numbers/results to their hearts delight.


Got it.
But, in the Competitor, can they change the results to see, what happends?
What will happen, if my 1 PT 1 Miss was changed to 1A? Is it possible?

Yes, of course. And even more.

If you are sharing match results from “Match Results” -> “Email All Results” the PSC file contained does not have the ability to be loaded in to the Practiscore “Scoring App” for the purpose of uploading. This PSC file can only be used in the Competitor app for review only. Any changes to scores in the Competitor App will be marked with an “IF” (What If).

On the other hand, if you share the PSC generated in “Import / Export” (the only reason you would is to provide to another RO) then setting a posting password in the match settings is highly recommended.

What makes you think that?

If you have concerns about someone re-posting scores for your match, you should set the posting password for your match. This is the only way to prevent unauthorized scores from being posted.


Apologies Eugine, I assumed the file structure between exported results PSC and exported match PSC would have been different. Just tested it out.

So as you said, it’s best to have a match posting password.