Pre-Registration Lock-out

I typically set up two months of matches ahead, which is four matches all together. We have 65 members in our club and each one gets an individual pre-registration code which I upload in bulk when the matches are set up. We do not want members registering too early for the matches (we ask that they wait two Fridays before the match) but allow them to register before the match is open to the general public. However, with the pre-registration codes already entered there is no way to prevent them from registering early. I then have to withdraw the shooter, delete the shooter, refund their money and ask them to not do it again.

Is there a way to prevent a member from registering too early by locking out the pre-registration codes until a certain time or by having to click a button or check a box? This would allow a time frame for our members to register before the general public, still allow me to upload the codes in bulk and set up multiple matches in advance.

One solution would be to setup the match as normal, but don’t load the preregistration codes until you want them to be able to signup. You would have to load the preregistration codes at the time you want them to be able to preregister, but that should not be much added trouble. It is pretty easy to go into the match and paste your codes when you are ready for them to signup.

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There is not a way to set an opening time for the codes.
I would suggest not creating the match until you want the member’s registering. It’s really pretty simple after all. :person_shrugging:

Yes, that is an option and I have already considered that. But that requires me to be next to my computer when it is time to open the match for pre-registration and that is not always possible. I also don’t have a computer/laptop which would make adding the pre-registration codes an easy thing to do the moment I want to make them active. If Practiscore would add an option to lock out pre-registration codes, that would be a much easier thing to do and could be done via a cell phone. A user could input all the pre-registration codes and then have to check a box that says “Activate Pre-Registration Codes”. If the box is not checked then the codes are in, but not active. You would then simply have to check the box when you are ready for them to be active and viola…pre-registration is open and before it is open to the public.