Practiscore Steel Challenge Tie Resolution

I’ve participated in a Steel Challenge competition where I placed 3rd in Pistol Caliber Carbine Open with a combined overall time of 25.14 seconds. The competitor ahead of me (2nd place) got second place with the time 25.14 seconds as well.

I read the rulebook on Steel Challenge and it seems to me that I should be in 2nd place. Here are our stage results.

2nd Place:
Roundabout: 7.83
5 to Go: 8.79
Accelerator: 8.52

3rd Place (Me):
Roundabout: 7.47
5 to Go: 9.85
Accelerator: 7.82

My understanding based on the rulebook: is that if a tie for the match results occur, we look for who has won the stages between the tied competitors (I won 2 stages, 2nd place won only 1 stage between the two of us). If that would also result in a tie, then you look for who shot faster on Outer limits or another stage selected at random by the match director.

In the rulebook look at the rule 9.6 and subsection under it 6.6.1.

Is there an issue with the PractiScore generated results not taking into account this tie-breaking logic or am I not understanding something about how the tie break should work?

Thanks for the input.

@bistvan the PractiScore app for Android currently does not have additional logic to distinguish ties and also some other special cases with SC and a few other time-based scoring variants, as well as some differences with the iOS app. I will be reviewing all those for PractiScore 2.0 apps.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll share this info with the shooting association in Hungary because this is good to know until it gets updated in Practiscore 2.0