Practiscore on IOS crashing when posting to practiscore

practiscore is updated. When I try to post to practiscore the app closes. These are ipad minis. Updating the IOS now to see if that helps. There are currently no scores in the match. Trying to post to enable the instant score logging.

Please take a look at what version iPad minis you have. The original iPad mini not the version 2 or 3 will not update to iOS system 10.0 or higher. They are stuck on a 9.0 version and therefore are not able to be updated anymore on the Apple store.

Unfortunately there will be no more updates for those tablets.
Take a look at what version of software the tablet is running and let us know.

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iOS version is 12.5.7

Practiscore is 1.750 (2)

Tried this with 4 different iPads all on same iOS and practiscore version with same result. Tried creating a test match and it was the same result. I synced the test match to an android and was able to post to practiscore from the android.

Ahhh, I remember. iOS won’t post an empty match.
Test matches are not removable without webmaster intervention, that’s why the iOS Dev will not allow them.
To enable score logging in iOS you just turn it on in match setup. All that you need to confirm is your full wifi on the range. If you want to test I suggest testing during a club (ie. real) match.

I got it working with a newer ipad. But shooters are not receiving their scores via email. score logging is on.

I have full wifi on the range.

First thing to check if your score logs are visible at

If you don’t see your match or scores there, then it is either scorelog is not enabled for a given match (you can disable it and reenable again, then sync to scoring devices) OR scoring tablets are unable to send these scorelogs, e.g. due to PraciScore server not being accessible from these sciring devices on the range wifi.

thank you. I see my match in the scorelog page. I just turned logging off and back on again and will test that. I will see if I can reach the scorelog site from the scoring tablets.

Hey guys,
This is a real issue!!

I am also getting consistent HARD crashes when posting scores from IOS 1.759(2) from iPhone 6+ with current IOS.

My work around tonight was to sync to a older version 1.748(1) and then… the scores posted fine.

Billy is sharp guy that I have worked with before and also knows PractiScore and networking.

This only started happing with IOS update.

My file was built on the old version last week prior to the IOS update. Can sent it to you if you want to verify issue.

Russ Osiol


Match files BUILT with current Version.1750(2)
appear to work without issue.

Billy, suspecting your issue is the same.

File built on older PractiScore revision and you are trying to post scores with the newer version.

Had fun at your match last year,
Stay in touch-Russ

Having the same problem on two different iPads. Cannot post to nor Email results from that same Results menu. Both crash the app. Using version 1.750(2) on iOS 16.4.1. HELP!!

Do you have another iPad with a older version of PractiScore?

1.748(1) is still stable for me

That was my work around?

Note to developers:

Even new built match files are consistently crashing when attempting to upload scores after syncing shooter import files.

Only very small test files are uploading properly

Thanks Russ. Stress level high over here right now! Haha. I was able to work around the issue by moving my master to an iOS with practice score 1.748. in order to get score logging working I had to turn it off on this new master and then turn it back on and then resync all my scoring tablets.

I’m running my staff match on iOS but moving the main match scoring tablets to Androids. I also have two master backups running Android and the latest version of practice score. I have not tried to push to practice score from the Android backups.

So currently I can push scores to practiscore using an iOS with 1.748. I plan to continue using this device as my master tablet but hopefully switching to the Android’s going tablets it’s not cause any issues that I have not seen yet.

We also had a crazy issue and I have not been able to check every shooter as I have over 500 but after doing the classification update function it appears a lot of shooters that were registered as carry optics were somehow switched to PCC. There have been some other random issues with shooter divisions that do not match what’s online and now what’s in the master after pulling registration and running classification update.

The iOS developer will look at this today.

So the fix is out to the apple store.
Like most things, one line of code amongst thousands and it pertained to the new Limited Optics division.
1.751 (1), when it’s out, update your tablets please.

Just waiting for the Apple store to review and release it.

Thank you. My iOS master updated itself earlier and posting broke. I was able to switch my master to an android and have been working on off that.