Practiscore on a kindle e-ink reader?

Hi guys.
Our club is about to buy some devices to run practiscore app. So far we used our phones - works, but not as convenient.

I’ve been told that kindle e-ink device (paperwhite, for example) can run practiscore app. However, cannot find any evidenced for that. Can someone advise is it possible or not?

@Anatoli_Putseyeu you’ve been misguided.

The PractiScore apps can’t run on Amazon Kindle e-ink devices (like Kindle Paperwhite) nor on Kobo e-ink devices. Not out of the box, anyways. If you find a way to install Android 4.2 and Android apps on those, you will be able to run PractiScore app for Android. But it is not something we can support.

However that PractiScore app for Android is working out of the box on the Amazon Fire tablet devices.