PractiScore Log - Repeated start does not work?

Hey there! :slight_smile: I just bought and installed the PractiScore Log app. I connected my Special Pie Timer and it works fine.

Now, I tried the “Repeated Start” function, but somehow it does not work as expected: I set the start time to 10 secs. and the PAR time to 1.0 secs. Now I’d expect a beep every 10 seconds and a 2nd beep one second after every start beep, so 10 - 11 - 20 - 21 - and so on. Further I’d expect to start a new cylce with every start so the shot time should start with 0.00 anytime. Correct?

What actually happens is the following:

  1. Some seconds after start the timer beeps - one time (!) and starts the cycle. Then no audible feedback anymore. Nothing. The PractiScore app keeps counting the starts though. It shows “Repeated Start 2”, “… 3” and keeps counting - but it will never let the timer beep again (neither for PAR, nor for the next cycle).

  2. It does not even count in a predictable manner (every 10 secs.), but it jumps completely random. Sometimes it only takes a single second to start the next cycle!

  3. It does not seem to start a new cycle with the timer (would correlate to the missing beep). When I shoot one shot in the first cycle, it shows - say - 1.5 secs. Then the 2nd cycle starts, I make another shot - and the timer shows 12.5 secs.!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and best regards


Hi @Jens_Hartwig, I will investigate…

Admittedly I mainly tested this feature with dryfire option without a timer connected in order to record number of repetitions for dry-fire drills. In that case the phone/tablet gives a start beep and then par-time beep. But when timer is connected, the app only sends a Start command to the timer, supposedly with the “delay interval”.

Also note that Special Pie timer doesn’t support configuring par-time trough a BLE link from the app. You will need to manually set it on the timer. You can try to contact the timer manufacturer about adding support for this.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Honestly, you already solved my problem! :slight_smile:

The hint that I got to set the par time in the timer itself was the point. I noticed that I simply can use the built-in “cycle” function of the Special Pie Timer to get exactly what I want!! I set the cycle to 10, set the PAR to 1 second and start the timer. Then it works exactly as I want it - and the times will be transmitted to PractiScore. Exactly what I need. :slight_smile:

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