PractiScore for Cowboys

Please help with instructions for Cowboys. I am able to create a match (using the Sass template), stages and score on the android tablet. However printing reports is a challenge. I can get the overall report but it only prints to PDF in portrait mode. I can’t find a way to change it to Landscape. It also adds in a value of class which takes a lot of space and we do not use.
Someone suggested to create the match on the site. I tried this but I loose the Sass template.
When we print (old system) stage results they are all on one page. Practiscore each stage has it’s own report.
When we print (old system) category results are all on one page. Practiscore each category is it’s own report.
Clean and smooth report is good.
Can someone give me some guidance? Are my requests possible? Is there a why I can get to the DB so I can write my own reports? Or a CVS output? Seems the RangeLog Export has good stuff but is missing other fields such as misses and penalties.
Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.


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@Mark_Fullerton once you select Print in the PractiScore app for Android you have Android’s system UI for printing. You can select orientation and few other parameters there (may need to expand the top area for more options). Though that may depend on the Android version you have on your tablet.

If you don’t need classes you can delete them from your match. In Android app go to the “Edit Shooters/Squads” screen, then “More…” at the bottom and then “Classes”.

You don’t really need to create match on the PractiScore web site, unless you want to do online match registration, take prepayment for the match, use PractiScore web site to post updates about match, communicate to shooters, etc. But for smaller matches you can run your match completely on one or multiple tablets.

@djpetrou @Jay please follow up with the web team about missing SASS templates on the web site

Generally, different users want different things and your requests are somewhat conflicting with what other users been using.

Additionally, instead of printing and/or emailing printed PDF files with your match results, you can simply post them to the PractiScore web site (it is a one tap of a button in the app) and then email link to those results to your competitors, so they could look at them from their computer, phone or even use PractiScore Competitor app for a deeper analysis and comparison of their match performance.

Thank you for the quick response.
I removed the Classes from the squad on the Android. It still prints it on the Match Results report.

As far as the Changing to landscape the option is not available for me to change. I see where you would change it but it is disabled. Maybe an old version of Android. 5.1.1

I’ll take a look at that for the next app update.

I do appreciate all the work that’s gone into the PractiScore Application. I think you guys nailed it with the tablets and syncing.
If I had 2 more reports this application would be a perfect fit for Cowboy Action Shooting. If you would please consider them.
Top 5 shooters on each stage.
Results by Category.
I attached samples.

Can I ask what you’re printing for? I’ve never printed match results directly from the tablet. I upload results to the web.


At the end of each match we read the scores to our members. Our members love that. Most clubs I’ve been to also do that. The scores are also posted on a board for folks to read. I know its old school but that’s what our members like.
We also post the pdf files to our web site. Some members like to look back and see their improvement over time.
I would think that over time we could transition to all online, but at this time we can’t, our older members just couldn’t handle it. It would need to be a slow transition.