Practiscore emails to members goes to spam

All of my emails sent to me membership seems to go to their spam folders. Is there anyway I can fix or address?

It may be the hosting company themselves having an issue. Some email providers such as Hotmail and Yahoo and AOL will not allow Practiscore emails to go through reliably, and, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. Gmail seems to be the most reliable to not send stuff to spam or fail to send at all. I’d suggest making sure they have the practiscore email address in their contacts/safe sender list so it doesn’t go to the spam/junk folder.

Yes, I am aware of email provider issues. I was just hoping someone had a better solution than what you have described. It basically makes email from practiscore not useful. Emails to the shooters are being identified as spam by apple, gmail, yahoo and others. I am going to have to look for an alternative.

The emails do go into shooters dashboard Inbox and they can read them from there. We have no control how hosting sites will or will not deliver emails.

In the past, we had people put Practiscore in their contact address book and that seemed to revolve many email issues.