Practiscore Emails Blocked

Noticed I haven’t been receiving emails from no_reply@practiscore since March of 2024. Emails sent from Practiscore are not received in my Yahoo Inbox or Spam folder. I believe the problem is Yahoo is blocking the practiscore domain, thinking it is spam. Practiscore does not have it’s domain DNS / MX records setup correctly - specifically, no DMARC record:

I contacted Yahoo Support, and they need Practiscore Support to fill out this page for Problems Delivering Mail:

Unfortunately contacting the big, old server systems is not a successful fix.

Yahoo, along with AOL, Hotmail and a few other email server systems often mark our system emails as spam and do not deliver them.
What we suggest is that you use a Gmail email as your email for Practiscore. Everyone that has had your same issues tell us that using Gmail fixes all their problems. Unfortunately we cannot force all servers to process emails correctly.

The email systems I mentioned are not consistent. Your Yahoo can start working again and work for another 6 months and then for a little while it will stop sending and then it will start sending again. There is no rhyme or reason. But we know that Gmail works 100%.


I’ve worked in IT for 20 years and I’m very familiar with how email spam filtering works and what companies use to verify domains that send spam. How you configure your domain email DNS records has a huge role. A good tool to troubleshoot email delivery issues is MXToolbox. As you can see from this screenshot, the domain is not sending emails that are DMARC Compliant nor DKIM Authenticated. This can cause your emails to be seen as spam by email filtering software. You can probably resolve all the issues with Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc. by fixing these issues with your DNS records.

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Currently Not Compliant with Email Sender Best Practices:

Changed my email address in Practiscore from Yahoo to Outlook. I receive new emails from Practiscore, but they automatically go to the “Junk Email” folder. I had to add no-reply@practiscore to the Safe Senders List. Users would not need to do this if the practiscore domain DNS DMARC records were setup correctly, as noted above.