PractiScore doesn’t send email to the match shooters

Goog morning,

I’m sending email to all the shooters, PractiScore says " mail have been sent "
But nobody have received it.
Any advice ?


I have messaged our IT department to look into this. I just started having the issue with my MD and personal match accounts too.

Yeah, I noticed it too. I opened registration for staff-type people on Friday and everything worked fine. Earlier today 1 person registered and I didn’t get anything. Regular registration opened at 7PM EDT and I didn’t get anything for the 90 people who registered at that time.

Currently there seems to be a glitch in match emails going out of the system.
At this time you can find all emails in your dashboard inbox AND you can see any match registration changes in the Approve/View page of your match.
We will be looking at it when the webmaster is in tomorrow.

Yes, I can see e-mail sent only in personal profile, ok I will wait webmaster intervention.