Practiscore data being exported as txt file instead of csv file

For the last month every time I export data to, the file is a txt file, used to show up as a csv file. Any ideas why?

Can you be more specific on exactly what you are/have been doing?
Export what to the web site? Results? Registration from somewhere else?

When I create a match I go to the page that lists all of the registered shooters for the match. The drop down field ‘export’, I choose ‘export to practiscore’. This is done on the website.

When I go to the practiscore scoring app and setup the match, I go to ‘import registration’. This has brought the csv file I need to import shooter info into the app. Now I am getting a txt file which the app can’t find or use.
I use an android phone or tablet for this

@Jay the PractiScore website indeed sets the wrong file type (content type, text vs csv). could you please poke the web devs about that.

@Donald_Rush on your Android device find that file using any file manager app and rename to .csv (even if it already has .csv extension - add another one). Then you will be able to open it in the PractiScore app.

I’ll reach out and show him what’s happening.

I’ve been doing this for 5 years with no problem. Suddenly in the last month the txt file stuff started. Why?

@Donald_Rush Things get changed occasionally.

One question, Why are you not importing your match from the website to the Master scoring tablet using the PIN import. It is so much easier.

Easy Peasy… Give it a try!!!

I generally use the pin when I want to download stage diagrams. For steel challenge, I don’t need the diagrams. The question is, how did this get changed in the last month?

More to the point. I’ve discussed this issue with other match directors in my area and their downloads after “export to practiscore” are csv files. This is happening on my android phone , tablet, and windows PC.