PractiScore data and video

With more and more matches using the Bluetooth timers with split times, those times being uploaded to PractiScore, and with so many people taking video, it would be really neat to combine the two.

I’m thinking something like the PractiScore Log app but combining times and video from a match.

Are you talking about something other than loading videos to coincide with your stages on the PS web site?
You click the stage to choose what you want the video attached to.

Then you choose your video and define it, name it, describe it.

That’s not what I mean

If the Bluetooth timers were used the PractiScore has all the information about time including all the splits. I’d like to take that information and overlay in on the match video in a similar fashion as the PractiScore Log application.

Something similar to this

We will consider it but it would have to happen during a site rebuild most likely.
At least for right now you have options. :slightly_smiling_face:

This might be better as a stand alone app vs part of the website

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Maybe, but at this time we are not developing any new applications. So it would probably be an integration to the web site.

There is a lot happening on that simple screen you picked out of the PractiScore Log app. The most critical bit is the video synchronization between subtitles and video. The Log app can do that because it has control of the video recording, but for external videos it is hard to find the start of the string on the video. There are apps that doing audio analysis from the video clip to find that pointer, but it gets tricky.

However said that, you can upload your videos to the PractiScore web site and those videos are available in the PractiScore Competitor app, as well as the data from the timer. I may look into getting some more advanced integration of that data once there is more videos posted.

I imagined having to manually align the video with the data.

I’ve tried that and it didn’t work well without a good visualization. Essentially that would require to build a web-based video editor… but realistically I don’t think many users will be bothered to use it for such manual data alignment.

To make something less cumbersome, the PractiScore Competitor app could have a video upload feature and then it could also have some audio processing to automatically align your video with the shots.