PractiScore Competitor not saving removed edits?

Asking as a competitor,

When I what if in the competitor app by editing a score then remove edits the next time I enter results for that match the edited competitor is now listed as (DEL) with no results. To resolve I have to remove and re-add then again remove all edits? Why do the remove all edits not stick? I’ve refreshed results to no effect.


Bill Baker

@Bill_Baker any “edits” you do in the PractiScore Competitor app are done in a separate “what-if” copy of a given competitor. At any given time you can have either the original competitor or the “waht-if” one in the match. The other one is deleted - marked with (DEL) and no scores, so id doesn’t additionally change the match standings.

The app also allows to undelete the deleted competitors (e.g. if one want to play with incomplete results or someone removed from the match), and that’s why you see the deleted entries.

To fully restore match you can pull it again from the search. It overwrites the local match data. There is also an “Undo Changes” option in the scores, in the shooter and in the main app menus.

If you any see issues with that, please send me an email to [email protected] with steps required to reproduce issue.