Practiscore Competitor app on Apple Mac M1 Chp

New Macs with M1 chip can run the same apps as phones and ipads. I run many including practiscore, steelchallenge, dry fire timer and other non shooting related.

For some reason competitor does not show up in the App Store when I search from Mac ? You must have some filter set as despite choosing iPad / iPhone it still doesn’t show up when I search from Mac. Pretty much everything else shows.

Is there a way I can fine it ? I already and a user / customer for competitor on my iPhone.


It is not a filter. The app is currently not supported on macs and on Apple silicon.

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Could you elaborate why not ? I find it way more useful on laptop;

The toolset used to build the app does not support macs.

Though, you might be able to run the Android app using one of Android app runers that support Google Play on your mac. But that is a different app.

I believe it should be transparent to the app to run it on a Mac; I’d be happy to try it and report back on how it functions. I’m pretty sure the several dozen other apps I use on apple silicon ( iPad / iPhone apps ) have no real idea I’m using it on a Mac vs iPhone /iPad.

No big deal if it is a problem, just I’m a laptop junkie and would be infinitely easier to perform the analysis on laptop vs my iPhone with competitor.

Your other apps might be built with a different toolset for iOS.

You might be able to see it now. Give it a try.

Yes, I see it and was able to download it to Mac; It even recognized that I had already purchased so this upgrade was free; I will test some function and report back;

Thank you;

so far so good; seems to work fine and super fast and easy on full size Mac.

Feature request: would be great to have ability to graph ( probably line graph ) the splits for a stage to compare 2 competitors against each other. Now, I copy/paste each separately and do it manually in excel or something, but overlaying 2+ competitors to see splits is useful for draw speed, stop plate speed, etc;

thanks agin

You have it. Simply add your shooters into the comparison screen, then select the “Time Chart” option grom the stage entry menu (long click). The chart screen has additional options in the top of the screen menu.

The long press or swipe brings up the stage menu, but for a Steel Challenge match, I don’t see the “time chart” option; Only ‘edit shooter’;‘overall results’;‘class results’

@Jim_Doran the string data is not just magically gets there. The stage scores has to have the data. Check for the timer icon on your stage entries. Maybe there is no string data in there.

It Looks like the string data is there when I click on one of the bars in the comparison;

@Jim_Doran there isn’t a long click on the chart. You need to use the stage entry menu.

On a side note. The multiple-string scores are hard to visualize. The chart gets really busy even for a single shooter.

Got it; thank you for patience; Agree on complexity of chart; Thanks again; pleasure to use on the laptop data analysis;