PractiScore Competitor app landing screen

My request it either to change the landing screen or let the shooter change the landing screen to “search Match” When I open the it would be great if the first screen I had could search for my email… Just clumsy to open the last match then go to search and then search.

@Graydon_Vogt are you asking about PractiScore Competitor app?

The PractiScore Competitor app is designed to stay on the last opened match. So you won’t have to search for the match again and again while you are looking at updates while match is in progress. Can just use refresh from results posted to PractiScore web site or a local wifi.

If you need to switch to another match then you either go to lost of matches or to the search. The app also remembers your previous searches, so you’ll tap on the previously entered email on the search screen.

Well that has no value for me as club matches don’t post until after the match. I shoot 2-3 a week and having to goto search every time gets old… That why I was hoping there was an option to allow the shooter the option to make search first… Another option would be to land on the “list” page and have a pull to refresh based on the email listed in the search… this would then show new matches.

Will keep this in mind. Though right now I don’t see an easy way to satisfy both needs at the same time.

Also, even with results posted after the match, chances are one may need to look at results more than once.

See my above reply in regards to making the match list the main app screen. It is also conflicting with my primary use of the app.

Currently the search results by email address is 3 taps away from the starting screen. But it may improve once I’ll add the bottom navigation bar planned for one of the future updates.