collect event payment after approval

I’m setting a Practiscore event (not a match) for a shooting class, and I must approve shooters before they are allowed into the class and can pay.

I have the event set up with the Standard Price and turned off “Require full payment at the time of registration.”

The event page claims, " This club is not set up to take online payments. Click [here] to adjust your payment settings", but I see on the club settings page, “This Club is currently set up with Stripe Connect.” We’ve also collected payment for several matches with the current Stripe setup without any issues.

If I set the event to require payment at the time of registration, the payment field is present on the registration form. However, it is critical for us to take payment only after the event participants have been approved.

Event participants don’t see the payment field regardless of whether they are approved. Please help me fix this issue.

Events are not run the same as matches.
There is no approval of event registrations.
If you need all the functionality of a Match then build it as a match.

Thank you for the feedback.

If there is no approval for the events, could you elaborate on why there is an approval feature in the menu item called “Approve/View Participants”?

Also, could you please help me understand how to take event payments after the registration? To reiterate, the only way I see the payment form for an event, is requiring a full pre-payment. As soon as I remove “Require full payment at the time of registration.” option, there is no payment form on the event.