PractiScore App shows Offline on iOS/Apple phone when hotspot activated

In the past I have used my Verizon Apple phone as a hotspot to sync tablets. Little late in the year for this to be my first time trying it but the first time I try this year it does not work. The app shows offline as soon as I activate the hotspot. I’ve checked the following and am stumped :frowning:

  1. Location services is turned on.
  2. App is set to allow data use on my phone and is up-to-date.
  3. If on wifi all devices talk.
  4. Does not matter if I have cell service or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ll need a solution ASAP this week and will follow up to post findings if it can be resolved :slight_smile:

I’d like to confirm which tablets you are using to score with?
Have you updated the app on the scoring tablets to the most current version?
What does it say in the tablet wifi setting when you are trying to connect to the hot spot?
Have you tried to connect everything together while sitting at your desk?


Thanks for the quick response DJ! I should clarify this is Ted Miller and found this at my local club match; I help Pete with his matches and will use this method at Surefire this week if we can resolve.

Sorry to ask this but if my phone goes offline and gives no sync code, wouldn’t I need to start there?

For your questions, in this case, we’re using Kindle Fire tablets, the app was updated on each tablet before the match. I do not poses the exact devices in use at the moment and cannot put my hands on them in the near future but do have other kindle devices available. I can tell you that the wifi showed connected to my phone’s hotspot. I tried this at home while on wifi and if I use anything else all devices talk and as soon as I enable the hotspot the app on my phone shows offline and then they cannot talk to my phone. I did not confirm whether they would talk to each other while connected to my phone though… this would have to be tested Wednesday when I can put my hands on Pete’s tablets.

A couple things,
I know you’re using an iOS phone but on Android apps so I move this to the Android section.
From what I think you are saying You may be a little far ahead of things because you haven’t tried to see if any scoring tablets will get on the network and talk to any others.
Also will you not be running a master tablet and then scoring tablets at all matches???
People do it but I don’t normally suggest trying to use a personal phone especially if that phone is also being the hotspot as a master.

I’m not certain this is specific to the PractiScore app for Android. Also not certain what does “the app shows offline” really means.

As for troubleshooting sync issues see the following article. It was written to troubleshoot sync issues on Chromebooks and other virtualized environments, but all the things also applicable to syncing regular tablets. I.e. you need to make sure they all on the same wifi and wifi allows them to see each other.

Syncing with PractiScore app for Android running on Chromebook or in Bluestacks

PS: the Android app has special handling for local hotspot syncing, like when running Android app on the phone with hotspot enabled. I have no experience with hotspot on iOS devices and don’t know if it doesn’t have the “client isolation mode” enabled, which would prevent devices to see each other. In any case that is not specific to Android app

Thanks DJ! You’re 100% right that at major matches we run a master… and a backup master… and the phone only serves as the wifi hub. At club matches I use my phone because that’s my option for posting scores when I get back in range of cell service and I’m running all over multitasking as mr fix it, RM, RO and shooting so I try not to carry an extra tablet that could get damaged out in the elements. I will test syncing devices connected to my phone together and not try syncing from a device to my phone and see if that’s any different.

Thanks also for your response euxx… app showing offline means where you usually see a sync code at the bottom of the app screen (sync code on left / ip on right) it simply reads offline. And when I go into the sync devices screen it reads offline instead of a sync code.

I will take a look at the article you’ve linked to. Thank you for this! And btw, I have run matches on an Apple phone for 1.5 years doing this and not having an issue (nothing to prove out timeline beyond it worked last September).

It sounds like you are referring to the iOS app, because I don’t recall Android app doing that…

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Gotcha, that sounds logical… so many little differences between OS versions.

Quick update that no issues were experienced when I did this process using all Apple devices. I’ll work on a test with Android tablets and report back. Thanks again for the quick support DJ & euxx!