Practiscore app not calculating hit factor

Our tablets are not calculating hit factor for any of the shooters we import match registration info from. If we manually make a new shooter on the tablet then score it then it will provide a hit factor. The tablets are preserving the hits and times, otherwise. If we sync to master the scores and times carry over but there is still no hit factor.

Master tablet: Apple, version 1.757
Scoring tablets: Android, version 1.734

Edit1: added specified tablets and versions

Edit2: I’ve determined that the source of the issue is from using a match template. If we make a new match from scratch then the issue does not occur

When you say “You’ve narrowed it down to using a template”. Are you talking about cloning a match? An old template created by whom and how long ago?
Are your registrations coming from cloned matches on the website?

You haven’t specified where registration info came from or how… My guess is that your competitor’s entries have no valid PowerFactor specified. You will have edit them and make sure each competitor has a valid PF setting.