Practiscore Android app doesn't work with WinMSS properly

We ran lvl.3 IPSC matches with Android tablets and when trying to import file generated, it seems to be impossible. Following window appears:

It says:
“Changes weren’t done to table, due to repeating values in index, basic key or relation. Change data in fields consisting repeating data, delete the index or define it this way, to allow repeteable data” [OK]

The only way to go around is to totally clear the WinMSS from Win 10 machine, along with hidden files in AppData folder, do the clean installation of fresh WinMSS and only then it will accept with the match.

Maybe you can do something with this issue.

More about issue.
I was running lvl.3 match in first days of August and it worked properly.
I had couple of lvl.3 matches in WinMSS database and there were no problems at all.
My friend that was running office work last days, came to the wall and had big problem with this issue.
It was solved, but it was very concerning.
As you see on the screenshot, the window is in national language. It suggests, that the problem can be in database that is part of the Win 10 and Win 11, alike they would change it by usual Windows update protocol. On my friend’s machine, that is Win 10 and isn’t in national language, very same window of failure appeared but in english language.
As we checked - on the machine, that is clean of WinMSS, you can install fresh WinMSS and it will accept file generated by Android app. Yet, if the machine has installled WinMSS and current competitors database, it won’t work. It won’t work if you uninstall WinMSS as well, because despite unisntalling WinMSS, some database files remain on the machine. So the operator has to manually get rid of them and can proceed, alike on clean machine.

And my third post with thoughts on the issue.
IPSC central is stubborn and keeps official scoring application in this very obsolete WinMSS application or with more annoying ESS system. Despite that there are hundreds of lvl.3 matches around the world yearly, they even don’t consider to change the system, to allow Mac users to run match office.
This is annoying but we have to live with it. Practiscore is absolutely basic scoring system today. Nobody never will go back to paper sheets and this stupid work of entering data from paper sheets into WinMSS, as it was in the past.
I like Mac computers but I have to use Win machine to run the office of lvl.3 match. I don’t like it, but this is reality. IPSC central doesn’t care - if you want your scores to be considered, you have to conform.
And now, a/m issue arose. It’s hard to assume, what will happen when the WinMSS will be upgraded in March 2024. I’m concerned, as I plan to run office of lvl.3 match in April…

@Aleksander_K please email the PractiScore match export file (or better export for all relevant matches) at [email protected]

We may also need your winmss database needed in order to reproduce issue.

3 files sent, 2 databases and .psc file. All suitably described.

@djpetrou did you see that email? I don’t have it

I’ve sent it to noreply@ of course… Sorry. Sent again.

I can’t send it - it says that is blocking it due to security issues. I will rename .cab files to cheat it.

Sent again, this time no google vicious commentary about. Please, confirm if received.
After unpacking, file extension has to be changed to .cab, of course.

Let me clarify.

The .cab files are not useful to us - we can’t do anything with them. We need all the PractiScore match export files - *.psc.

Also by the “existing winmss database” I meant the entire content of the folder. located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMSS\Data

OK - sent as requested.