Practiscore adding checked "categories" to registration info

Practiscore is adding checked “categories” to my registration info.

For the last three matches that I have signed up for, the only category in the registration info that I check is “Lady”. When I review my information after I have signed up, an additional category is selected that I did not check, for example:

  • “Lady” and “Veteran” checked
  • “Lady” and “Senior” checked
  • “Lady” and “Law Enforcement” checked

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


I do not see any current or recent past registrations for you with those issues.
Categories is traditionally not a single selection field.

I see you are an admin at CAPS.
The one thing I see with the CAPS club that may cause issues is that the club is creating matches basically for the whole year.
We strongly recommend that matches are created only 2 months in advance (with the exception of majors which may need to be created months in advance). Also do not use a Cloned match for more than 2 months either.
We find that matches that are created and or cloned in excess of 2 months can have issues similar to what you have described as internal changes are made to the web site.
If the match is having those issues we often cannot repair the cloned or old match.

Please pass this info on to any others in the club who could be involved.

Thank you D.J.! The problem is not visible with my past registrations because I edited my data and unchecked the extraneous categories before the match info was locked. The issue was not with CAPS matches, it was with matches from other clubs (Texas Tactical, APSC, and SSD).

I will give your feedback to the CAPS administrators.