Posted wrong score, how to delete results from the Practiscore website (club page)

I Posted the wrong file, and claimed the results, but is was the wrong file, how can this be deleted?

It is Bianchi Cup Nederland 2023 with time 14:35:48 needs te be deleted.

The correct file has already been uploaded

Need to know exactly which one you want deleted.

This one needs to be deleted.


D.J.Petrou, can you delete that one?

Greetings Dave

The webmaster is the one who has to manually go in and delete it from the website.
I’ve sent it to him and he has acknowledged his receipt of it and will get to it soon.

D.J.Petrou, it has been 2 weeks now, can you please sent a reminder to delete the wrong results?

Greetings Dave

Of course,
It’s on the webmasters list.
If it’s an issue, such as this, that doesn’t stop scoring or posting of scores then it’s toward the bottom of the list.

In the future changing the match and posting the correct results will just overwrite the original post. No need to create a totally new match.