Possible to View Squads after Match?

Once a match is done and scores are posted, it doesn’t seem possible to look at squadding. Is this correct?

Hi Steven!

You are correct. Though, you may be able to see them on the Competitor app, I can’t remember off the top of my head. @euxx

@Steven_Chang if you saved link to the registration page you could still look at the squadding.

As @Madison_Killian said, you kinda could find some squads in the PractiScore Competitor app. Each competitor’s squad is shown on the shooter editing screen. And you can also type something like “squadN” (where N is squad number) in the competitor search.

I also have some updates planned that will make much easier to look at squadding and other match breakdowns in the PractiScore Competitor app.

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Thanks. Dumb question: How do I get to the shooter editing screen?

It is from the shooter menu

Got it. My menu choices are different:
Edit Shooter
Undo Edits
Overall Results
Class Results

How do I navigate to the squad list?

Thank you!

There is no squad list.

You can see a given shooter’s squad on the shooter editing screen. And knowing squad you can search for that squad to see who else was on the same squad.

Okay. Thanks. I understand now!