Pop up historical match scores in new tab instead of modal

In a user’s dashboard, you can see historical events using the “View All” button on the top right corner of Recent Events. On this new page, you get a list of historical events but clicking on each event will pop up a modal of the scores instead of a new window. To work around this, I’ve been pulling the match ids from page source and pasting it into the route “results/new/” Is it possible to just have this link directly to the page instead of popping up a modal?

I agree. Old version is better.

If I understand what you want, you can achieve this by right-clicking the match you want and selecting “Open in new link.” Alternately, if your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can just left-click the wheel on the match you want. For some reason, CTRL+Left Click doesn’t seem to work, but should, to do the same thing. This, of course only works in Windows and I am using Edge, so it may be different with other browsers and I have no idea about Mac’s, if that’s your platform.