Please support my new shooting timer.

I wasn’t sure where to ask for help, but I’m posting this here.

I’m Japanese and I’m developing a shooting timer and Android app for IDPA and Steel Challenge shooting competitions using airsoft guns in Japan.
The timer has a separate sensor part, which is connected to the impact sensor, optical sensor for laser, and voice sensor (under development) via wifi network as needed.

We recently launched the timer to the public and it is selling very well. We plan to make it the most used timer in Japan soon. :slight_smile:

And as a consultation, I would like you to support my timer to connect with Practiscore.
I’ve already developed an Android app that connects to BLE, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to support.

Please help us.

The manual (sorry for only Japanese)

Android application

Demo video

@Masahiro_Tsujisaki we can discuss this. Please email at [email protected]

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Oh, I see.
It seems to happen because I paste the translated text from the Japanese - English translation site.
I’ll give it some time after I paste it and post it. :wink:
Thanks for the advice.

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Does this work with iOS?

Why does it need the sensors in the back?

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with iOS.

This is an innovative shooting timer that connects the timer to the sensor via wifi. (The piezo on the timer back is not a sensor, but a normal buzzer.

This allows up to 20 sensors of various types to be connected at the same time.
5 sensors can be used in steel challenge competitions to accurately determine hits without relying on the eyes of the RO.

At home, can train with the laser trainer by connecting it to optical sensors. :slight_smile:


Does it pick up (miss)hits on the posts of the targets or only the targets themselves?

In my app, if you specify a stop target, when you hit it, the app judges the remaining missed targets and automatically adds a penalty time.

Thanks for the advice.
I’ve also shot real guns at the range in Guam, so I know not everyone uses electronic hearing protection like the Comtac.

My timer and sensor are for airsoft only.
So if you mounted the shock sensor on a steel plate and fired it with a real gun, it would be destroyed.

The loud firing sound of a real gun also has an advantage, where the piezo sensor can detect the firing sound.
The sound of an airsoft gun firing is very small, so it is quite difficult to detect it.

I am going to develop an audio sensor for neck-mounted airsoft guns using a condenser microphone. :wink:

That’s great! look up our club when you visit again!

for the piezo sensors, your app is mainly for airsoft?

Does your timer and app work with kindle practiscore?

That’s nice!
I used to go to the GOSR range in Guam twice a year to shoot guns before the world got into trouble.
I used to rent a bike from Tumon to the JTM gun store, but it was too far, so Bargain Tactical was my favorite these days. LOL!

And unfortunately my timer is for airsoft guns only.
If it’s for real guns, the Pie shot timer seems to be the best because it buzzes loudest, can be connected to the Practiscore app, and is cheap.
But for airsoft, it was a little difficult to use because it only worked reliably within about 1 meter of the shooter.

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That’s awesome!

GOSR is slowing down now due to the pandemic.

follow us on practiscore and come shoot a match with us when you come out here again!

I’ll keep your app and product in mind for all airsoft competitions.

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