Personal Match History Disappeared

I was looking at some old scores on the my dashboard to compare my results. It listed ~10 on the dashboard and then had a “View All(53)” button at the top right of the section.

I clicked it to view some of the older matches, and it came up with a list of 5 with check or uncheck them.

I clicked next with those 5 checked, and now it shows me only having those 5 as history.

I searched a couple of the club matches that i new offhand, and they still list me as a competitor, but i don’t see a way to add them back to my profile.

I tried searching with Phone # and by club, getting nowhere. Any help would be appreciated.


Have you changed your Practiscore email at any time???

Yes, I updated the email address since we are changing our provider. However, I did this several weeks ago, and the change happened yesterday. Plus the 5 remaining events are from the past 5 years, when the new address didn’t exist.

If there is something i can do with the old address, I’m happy to try.

If you have changed your email then all the old matches with the old email will eventually stop tracking to you. to fix that you need to go into your profile settings and enter the old email under the Additional emails section. Then the old ones will start following again.

Also, there is a bug floating around that messes with the tracking in the view all section occasionally. The guys know about it and it will be looked into when time allows.

Thank You so much!! They are all showing up now.