Peak Time classification max at 100%.?

When using PS on Android and scoring a steel challenge stage, if a shooter performs better ( lower time ) than the peak time on the stage, the tablet still only shows 100% when in reality the classification is >100%. ( i.e. 101.05% ). Is there a way to get actual percentage represented even when greater than 100 ?

Our Steel Challenge expert will be replying to you this evening.

@Jim_Doran first of all, you are only seeing this data in the Android app by coincidence. It will likely go away unless USPSA will start posting the data (e.g. peak times) in some format the scoring app could consume. Right now it is a manual process to update that data and it is not sustainable.

Anyhow, the value shown is only relevant in regards to the classification result that one would be getting for that time. Such classification result can’t be higher than 100%. Here is an example Classifier Lookup - Steel Challenge

While that is true at the Division level, it is certainly possible and frequent to obtain >100% of peak time on a given stage and is useful in determining how one performs relative to the PT.

Clearly USPSA tracks classification > 100% as the top 20 in many divisions are ALL > 100% and therefore it uses the REAL values in determining ranking.

I"m not here to argue about it, it is a useful feature that comes up in almost every SC match.

@Jim_Doran if you are looking for a tool to analyze results or stage performance there is PractiScore Competitor app.

It does show not capped stage percentages and more

I use your offering with Competitor/ Log and also Match Tracker for the immediate results.

PS, it isn’t hard for me to do the arithmetic either, just would make the tablet scores review more useful.

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I have a old phone not used anymore with the MT app. I just put in the shooters time that is looking for his time as a % and the app will show the greater than 100% your looking for then just delete it all out (re zero) best to date and do it again. Just an idea. Keeping my personal phone app for myself. Karl Sutterlin

Good idea for a workaround / plan ‘B’. Thanks !

Hi Eugene,

I’m sure you know, USPSA updates peak times probably 1x a year and publishes it.

I wanted to add that I cannot put into words how extemely extremely gratifying (and sometimes horrifying lol) that the instant calculation with the actual percentage number and the classification letter that’s displayed on the review stage score screen is for almost every shooter that shoots steel challenge.

I personally push competitor app to everyone I shoot with, but the moment you see these scores on the review screen right after you shoot is monumental. Idk any shooter that has grumbled about it being displayed on the screen. The feature actually makes us feel like we’re in 2023 using technology hand in hand with the shooting sports in the best way possible. I’m sure that is the idea of practiscore in the first place.

I know you understand the request, but to remove the entire calculation altogether would make me and I’m sure many people pretty sad, bummed out and honestly, disappointed. With all the adrenaline going through your veins after a stage, remembering a 4 digit number entering it into another app, etc is far from easy to do amongst prepping mags, helping etc. At least we, for that moment can enjoy knowing what we shot all because of the hard work you and your team do at practiscore, which never goes unnoticed.

I’m hoping that you’ll reconsider the manual process of updating peak times. Or if you need some USPSA members to get USPSA to work with you on providing peak times in a technical way that can make everyone happy, please let us know. Nonetheless please at the very least keep the calculation of percentages in the review stage score screen.

Tony Villena

@Tony_Villena you should relay your request to USPSA. Like I said, the format uspsa publishes these peak times and classifier HHFs is not suitable for automatic consumption by the scoring app. We won’t be able to maintain it unless that changes.

Additionally, USPSAs own classification numbers are capped at 100%. Having an official scoring app showing some other numbers makes it deviate from that.

@euxx can you point to a repository or document that can explain the format needed by USPSA to publish peak times and classifier HHFs ? ( Json, CSV,XML, etc ) Perhaps I can work with them on an ETL process and host in a location that you can retrieve reliably.

@Jim_Doran you will have to ask USPSA. Also, getting USPSA data from a 3rd party source won’t work in a long run. It need to be hosted and provided by USPSA.

Ya, ya, ya, I get it; But first step is agreeing on the format and getting it working. Do you have a proposal or point of view on the format ( sample file even better ). I’m happy to push USPSA on the final hosting, but if we get something going as a prototype ( the PTs only change annually at best );

Let’s not let perfection be the enemy of good enough.

Having this thread of interest coupled with a working solution that just needs some hosting goes a long way towards having this durable with USPSA.
What am I missing ?

@Jim_Doran I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this needs to be discussed directly with USPSA IT. The proposed data structures already been provided to the “previously elected” USPSA president.