PCC10 on iPad and iPhone

We recently started shooting PCC10 in IDPA and the results page (MatchResultsCombined) on the iPad and iPhone display the division as “PC” instead of PCC10.

The Android tablets display it correctly as PCC10.

Can we get that tweaked in an upcoming update?


Hansen IDPA

@Andrew_Dulay you could try to rename division to “PCC 10” (with space)

Good idea.

Just tried it.

The display now shows “P1” as the Division in the CombinedResults display after changing the shooter’s division to PCC 10. (with the space).

This is on the iOS system phone and tablet.


Damn. I don’t have ipad with me and it may take a while to get this changed on ios. So, just guessing… You could also try PCC_10 with underscore or “PCC TEN”.


I’ll continue to experiment and see what comes up.

The results DO display correctly online at the PractiScore site.


Just had our first PCC10 shooter since my last report and when looking at the results and printouts, they are now correct!!

Thanks for fixing this in a recent update.