Payment options


Maybe admin’s can add option in web registration for note payment in Euros? Because for example - if someone comes from outboard,for them better pay in USD… And club will lose sime euros,because we can make a choise now payment option in USD…
Of course, we can “convert” it and add instead 50 euros - 67 USD. But for make a clear info for competitors will be great to have at the moment to register match to choise payment curency…
Thank you.

I believe you understand the club can choose payment type?

Currently payments can be in one currency only. I imagine that Stripe adjusts the conversion rates…


Yes, I did it. But then I create new match, I can’t choice any currency, except USD. Screenshot in attachment.

Have you looked at your payment settings? You need to be connected to Stripe Connect, which you are not, to take payments. Sign up by with Stripe by clicking the Connect button.

There is an article on the Stripe website regarding currency options… Take a look at that: