Past Events NOT showing up (membership database)

We have our club membership registered in Practiscore Events. Every year, we use the past record to verify membership status to IPSC Canada. Our 2022 membership expired on September 30th, 2022. It is now GONE. I have not changed my email address and I am the only person that creates these events. The only events that are showing are the 2020/2021 database, but not the 2021/2022 Membership which has disappeared. Please help as this is critical that we retrieve membership information.

Thank you
Andy B

I’m not sure what club you are talking about as you didn’t mention it. But I looked at one that you are an admin of. You need to click on the top right link to get all the past events.( It says one but that is because you are grouping events.) I will also state that what you are doing is not standard and we can’t guarantee that it will always work the way you anticipate.