Outer Limits handicap penalty

I have a few older shooters and a wheel chair shooter that ask to take the 4 second penalty to shoot all from the center box. Can a penalty box for the 4 second option be added to the 8 stage template. I thought that I may have seen this in an earlier version but now that I need it I don’t see the option. Maybe I didn’t see it but it would be nice to have.

Hi @Gregg_Kratochvil,

If you use the Steel Challenge Stage Library to set up your match and stages, the “center box only” penalty is automatically included in the preset penalties.

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Hi Stephanie
Under “Affiliation” in the match setup I choose “Steel Challenge : Default” this choice gives me all 8 stages but doesn’t have the center box option. What do I need to do different?

@Gregg_Kratochvil message or email to [email protected] your match pin number. We’ll take a look


Prior to entering scores or syncing to other tablets or ipads, under “build stages” then “penalties,” you’ll see the 4 penalties that are defaults for Steel Challenge matches including: procedural, miss, miss stop plate, and center box only.

I just pulled your match from today and the “center box only” option was indeed there as a penalty option.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately when I pull down the same match and go to “Build Stages” and “penalties” I still just have 3 penalties, no center box option. I’ll try creating a new match without cloning to see if it makes a difference.

I tried creating a match from scratch with the same results, no center box option for penalties. In working with Stephanie it looks like it’s related to the Android. When pulling the match down to an Apple product it worked for both Stephanie and I. I use Fire 8 tablets for everything so hopefully they will be able to figure this out. Other match directors around here use the Fire tablets for everything as well.

My iPad did have the center box only penalty option but it adds it for all 8 stages instead of just Outer Limits. If I edit each stage the penalty can be removed for the other 7 stages that don’t use it. Less options for the score keepers is better.

@Gregg_Kratochvil I’ve got web guys to update default SC match template on the website. Your pin# now returns match with the correct set of penalties and should work in Android app.

You may need to remove match from device to see updated match configuration in the PractiScore app.

Yes, it works great now! Thank you for the quick fix, I really appreciate it.

You’re welcome